Our History

Ecomart Holding is a Swiss-based company that has its roots planted in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. With a commitment to international expansion, Ecomart Holding has strategically ventured into the markets of Asia, Africa, and South America. Ecomart operates across a diverse range of sectors, including retail stores, production, supply chain, distribution, and sales. What truly sets Ecomart apart is its ability to attract and collaborate with the best investors and industry leaders worldwide, forming a powerful synergy that fuels its continuous growth and success in the global business landscape.

To reach the best opportunities in the global market, In 2017 Ecomart started investing in Iraq in retail business under a sub-holding name Eqtesad sooq al-mostaqbal Co. and under the brand of Amira chain Store which owns around 50 stores all over Baghdad the Capital of Iraq. As the second step of this project, it has entered the production sector under the brand of Maya company which is also owned by Eqtesad sooq al-mostaqbal Co. and registered more than 20 brands in different categories; by setting the basis of production, it was able to introduce three leading brands in three categories of cellulose, food, and frozen products which are covering customer needs.

Ecomart Statements

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver superior value and sustainable growth by investing in and growing premium brands across various industries. We are committed to providing excellent returns to all stakeholders while minimizing our environmental impact and maintaining a long-term perspective.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader and have an influential force in the FMCG industry of targeted countries in Asia, Africa, and South America in 10 years. Ecomart drives innovation, operational excellence, and responsible business practices, while serving as a long-term investor and partner for premium FMCG brands, fostering sustainability and innovation across its portfolio.

Our Value

1. Pioneering Innovation and Excellence

2. Dedicated Responsibility and Sustainability

3. Enduring Partnership and Commitment

Holding Structure

Ecomart is an international investment holding that includes various brands in its brand portfolio. In the first stage, in order to enter the market of Asian Countries, we have registered and launched Eqtesad sooq al-mostaqbal Co.

Eqtesad sooq al-mostaqbal Co. is a company responsible for all the activities Ecomart group runs in Iraq and has four sub-companies which are: Amira Chain Market for Commercial activities and Maya Company for Production activities. Captain Online for online shopping and Senior for distribution.

In the near future, it will launch its business in other fields like online sales and distribution networks all over targeted countries.

Amira Supermarket

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Amira Supermarket is a groundbreaking Iraqi chain store that has rapidly gained popularity as the country’s first and foremost retail destination. With an impressive network around 50 branches strategically located throughout Iraq, Amira Supermarket has revolutionized the shopping experience for Iraqi people. Committed to delivering the highest quality goods, Amira Supermarket sets a new standard in the industry.

Maya Investment Company

Maya sets its first step in the field of production and development of FMCG products  by  producing  in  three  different categories including Cellulosic,  food,  frozen food  and  under  three  main  brands  Rose, Benti and Freka.

Our Brands



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Online Store

Business Partners


More than 80 suppliers and  distributors are cooperating with  Ecomart holding and most of  them are considered the  exclusive distributors for  important international brands worldwide.

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Local Suppliers

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International Suplliers

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Exclusive Suppliers

Our Partners

Contact & Cooperate

If you believe there is a potential opportunity for partnership with Ecomart Holding, we encourage you to reach out to us for further discussion. We value collaborative relationships and are always open to exploring new partnerships that align with our company’s goals and values. Please contact us to explore how we can work together to create mutually beneficial opportunities.

If you have any inquiries  related to business, just fill this form and our supports specialist will contact you.

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